Not All Freight Carriers Are The Same

Choosing a freight carrier with the idea that "cheaper is better" could severely backfire on you when and if you finally receive your shipment. Not all freight carriers of truckloads are created equal. Some have been in business longer and have a better track record than some of the newer ones. Some carriers are operated by careless, dishonest people who aren't pleasant to deal with. The freight brokerage we represent has established relationships with over 17,000 carriers. And these aren't just any carriers. All carriers are screened and monitored to ensure their businesses are in good order. The potential threat of doing business with a poorly-managed carrier is always there which is why you need a freight brokerage to manage this risk. The risk of doing business with a fly-by-night carrier could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The assistance and management of a freight brokerage prevents this from happening and helps ensure a reputable carrier is chosen and your shipment arrives on time and in good order. Give us a call now at 1(800) 394-0815.