How Long Will It Take To Ship Freight?

The time it takes for a shipment of freight to depart and arrive at your residence or place of business depends on how far the freight has to travel, which carrier you choose, the route they take and the type of carrier you choose. Shipping by air could take a day or two. Shipping by truck could take anywhere from a few hours to a week depending on the distance. And shipping by ocean or cargo ship could literally take months. The faster it takes to ship the freight, the more you're likely to pay. There are also unexpected factors that can come into play such as a sick driver or a blocked highway due to an accident. While you really can't control the unexpected factors, you can pretty much control everything else. One factor you have complete control over is the route you choose to ship your freight. If you choose a shorter route, not only will you get your shipment more quickly but you'll also pay less. To explore these options give us a call right now at  1(800) 394-0815.