Save 15% Or More On Your Freight Shipping!

Freight Truckload specializes in helping businesses of all sizes acquire low truckload freight rates from quality carriers. Even if you already have a carrier that you regularly use, there's a good chance that you're overpaying. We can find you a cheaper carrier, cheaper shipping option or cheaper route which could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings in the long run. Give Freight Truckload a call at 1 (800) 311-8115 to discuss your options.  We're an authorized agent of US Freight Brokers, LLC.

Other Available Shipping Options
Ocean Freight
Whether you're ordering a container of wholesale products from China or need your products shipped to Germany, we're here to help you ship your ocean freight.
Air Freight
Shipping by air is the fastest option when you're shipping freight. Contact us now and we'll inform you whether this is your best option. We'll give you a fast quote. 
Customs Clearance
Harmonized Trariff Schedules, Customs Duties, Continuous Entry Bonds, etc may sound like Greek to you, but we happen to speak Greek.  We're here to help.