What Is A Freight Brokerage?

If you found this website while searching for an actual carrier, you're probably wondering what a freight brokerage is. Wouldn't it be cheaper to deal directly with the carrier? Wouldn't a carrier prefer to do business with their customers instead of going through a middleman? This should answer the questions you may have.

First off, a freight brokerage or freight broker is a company that matches freight customers with carriers. Most professional freight brokerages do business with thousands of carriers which allows them to do business with virtually anyone in the United States and other countries. The carriers most freight brokerages do business with are licensed, insured, have a sound business and usually have a good reputation. Any brokerage that is willing to do business with any carrier isn't worth doing business with. The brokerage we represent won't do business with a shady carrier to protect their customers and their own interests.

One of the most useful services freight brokerages offers to carriers and their customers is professional management which takes a huge burden off of carriers. Since negotiating, arranging and tracking shipments is all they do, many freight brokerages that have been in this business for a long time have become very proficient at what they do. The freight brokerage we represent have over 30 years of combined experience. That level of experience means that you're in good hands. If you hire a freight brokerage that's just getting off the ground, the end result may not be nearly as good. 

Another benefit of using a freight brokerage for your shipment is that you might actually get a better rate than you would if you went directly to the carrier. Unlike other businesses where a broker might add their commission on top of what they're charging, the carrier actually pays the freight broker so you don't have to. And since the freight broker could have several carriers with available trucks at one time, you could end up getting an additional discount due to competitiveness among carriers. When a carrier isn't moving freight, they lose money. It's better to sell out at a slight discount to a broker rather than completely lose out. Airlines and hotels work in the exact same way. But you'll probably never discover these occassional freight deals if you don't do business with a freight broker who closely monitors the rates of various carriers. Get a quote right now by calling (727) 437-7456.