Do You Offer The Lowest Freight Rates?

in most cases YES. We've mastered the art of getting the lowest rates for our customers while maintaining quality service. However, there could be cases where a dirt cheap carrier with a tarnished reputation could give you a lower quote. If you're concerned with price, you might be tempted to go along with the cheaper carrier which could save you some money. However, you should be aware that some cheap carriers are cheap for a reason. There are some unscrupulous carriers out there that are getting ready to go out of business and could end up taking your hard-earned money with them. While this may be rare, it does happen. There are also other carriers out there that don't run their company the way it should be run resulting in many unhappy customers. This is the reason why so many companies out there prefer to hire a freight brokerage instead of going directly to a carrier. Freight brokerages screen carriers and even do a credit check to ensure they're trustworthy. Freight brokerages earn their money with repeat customers, and they keep customers by offering competitive rates with quality service. If you want a competitve truckload rate quote then give us a call at 1(800) 394-0815.